Order of Odalists. Houston, TX Folkish Heathens


The Order of Odalists is a folkish heathen tribe located out of Houston, TX area.  We are a holy bondage of men and women that have a respect for Mother Nature, Love of the Germanic gods and goddesses and a Loyalty to our kin.  We are not a heathen happy hour,  and we will dismiss more than we allow to enter our halls. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and expect the same from all of our kinsman and supporters. We are teachers and students at the same time.

We are not marvel comics heathens, we are not followers of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)  We believe that these desert religions have been nothing but poison to the Indo- European spirit. Yet we will not allow this disdain to blind us and hate you as you were born a Christian. (most of us were)  We do not believe in our take part in any of the Cultural Marxist ideals of globalism, multi-culturalism,  political correctness. We are not a part or ever will be of the flock (sheeple)  mentality.  A warrior spirit still resonates within us, we believe it is our duty to confront such evils as the disease of cultural marxism whenever feasible.

What we are is a tribe of well read, disciplined heathens that place blood, soil, folk and honor above all. We believe that our ancestors still walk today, beside us in spirit and give us strength to face the struggles of life.  We are the product of our blood, and although not all of the past is good or bad, we believe we are only as strong as our roots.

We are always planting seeds in an attempt to grow a stronger healthier tribe. A tribe where all your kin, know you, respect you and push you to mature into a mighty oak and never quit reaching for the sky.

Please feel free to contact us. Don’t believe the media hysteria, they are nothing but puppets and distributors of lies. The Media is an enemy to all mankind.

Our contact form is above. 

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