Facebook Censorship. Big Brother BS.


   I generally like to stay on subject, but tonight I need to vent.  I was permanently banned again from Zuckerberg empire yesterday by the commie scum they use to moderate the page. They would never give me a clear definition as to why as I can think of nothing I have done wrong and it damn sure was nothing a warrior such as me will be ashamed of.  Facebook just insisted that I submit proof of ID and other personal items to them even before they would even speak to me. That is not happening. I know the quality of left wing dross there is working for facebook. They collect enough data on your already and dump it into the laps of the highest bidder.  I will be damned before I give out of my personal info over to their cuck keyboard warriors.

    If you think about it, Facebook is the ultimate tool for Big Brother.  We willing include what music we like, what our religion is,  what political groups we follow if we are Heathens or weak Abrahamic sheep.  They know what type of motorcycle I ride and if I support the local outlaw M.C.   I can only imagine the records they have on you or I. It is the collection and sales of that private information that has allowed  Zionist Zuckerberg  to become rich. The old gods blessed me by stepping in. The freedom and privacy that I lost in order to use that tool of big brother was not worth it. And now it is time to continue and create greater things.

   For the last few years, I have been saying facebook has too much power and all of your work can disappear.  That is one of the many problems with this electronic age, everything you know can just be deleted. I guess this is why I prefer real books. One Electro Magnetic Pulse and all of that electronic knowledge will disappear like a fart in the wind.

     I ran a few pages that I was proud of and I used them as a marketing page for the clothing, I sold and the podcasts I released.  Those are all backed up on many more outlets than the Zionist Occupied Government could ever control.  One of Order of Odalists  Kinsman is running those pages for me now. I am sure he will Hold The Heathen Hammer High. I could easily create another account to gain access again, but It is not worth it. Way too much Big Brother Bullshit for this Heathen Thought Criminal.

   What pisses me off is that facebook allows the dregs of society to scream all day, and make their best effort to poison the minds of the populace with their cultural Marxist venom. But if you dare call their bluff you are gone. Poof….. I feel this is a blessing.   So without taking any more of your time. I ask you to be careful what you share with facebook, I am sure all of that information end up in the laps of men and companies you would rather see destroyed.



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