Houston. Heathen Pagan Educational Center

Help us fund our  Order of Odalists Heathen Educational Center and Hall please see the link below and share. We can not do this alone.



The reason we are asking for your assistance is because there is a vast spiritual void in the Houston, TX area. There is no safe private outdoor places the Pagan / Heathen community and children can gather for harmonious events, camping, educational classes about their faith, identifying wild and edible plants and medicines.   No place that is open and free for one to truly practice and embrace their native religions.   Religions old and new that do not walk heel and toe with the Abrahamic Faiths. A place where the community can grow, learn about each other and the gods we worship and help to resurrect the ways of our elders.  A  safe place to celebrate in great numbers with seasonal events around huge bonfires or drum circles. A place of dancing and merriment, a place with no persecution.

These issues are important to us as Respect for Mother Nature means that you as Odalist care for and wish to preserve the ancient trees, deep valleys, fresh rivers and beautiful heathlands. You believe that healthy and growing ecosystems matter and that you cannot separate mankind from nature. As such, the green perspective of Odalism is a form of naturalism, where the close relationship between how our natural world functions and how we as human beings function, is part of a continuous natural process. As Odalist, you wish to preserve and live in harmony with nature, not blindly destroying it for economic greed and material wealth, as seen in modern society. Mother Nature is where we shall gather and grow.

We are asking for your assistance brother and sister. We do not have the funds to do this alone. The land alone will the biggest expense. We have the sweat and the blood and determination to put in the hours under the Texas Sun,  to work the land, clear the areas for camping, build the stage and shelters. But Determination alone can’t buy these tools necessary for this to be a success.

Can you help us?  You will forever place your positive mark on history and build refuge of bewilderment and exploration for our children.



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