Norse and Roman Days of the week and the origin of their names. Sunday


For many men and women the Order of Odalists, may be their first introduction to the study of the Norse Heathenry. So we are creating this as an introductory lesson. This small example will show you just one of the many ways the Abrahamic faith, is nothing more but a recreation and theft of ancient Pagan beliefs, rituals, and holidays.

Now the days of the week are just one of the many things that we take for granted.  Do you really know what the days mean? Well give the Order of Odalists a few minutes of you time and you will learn. Maybe the blinders will begin to be removed from your eyes. Does the Bible not say, John 8:32 Seek the truth and you shall see, the truth will set you free? Are you ready for some freedom?

Lesson 1.) The Days of the week. 

How did those days get their names? You may be surprised to find out they are days to worship Roman and Heathen Gods. The Heathen Viking were the last pagan to convert to Christianity, or shall we say… be forced by the sword? The Catholic church was very clever in the way that they weave their web.

Sunday.  Is pretty easy, it comes from the Old English “Sunnandaeg” Day of the sun. Sun worship was one of the biggest rituals to exists since the dawn of time. So this makes sense as the 1st day of the week.


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