Why are so many followers of the old ways are “solitarty pracitioners”


Several people have asked and myself at one time why so many followers of the old ways are “solitary practitioners” or working in clans of one or two families.

The current “crisis” for our people, in my humble opinion is a good thing from a perspective of separating the wheat from the chaff. If someone wants to engage in homosexuality, race mixing, universalism, christianity, etc; let them, just ask them to remove their presence from our sight. Turn your backs on them and spare no further thought. These behaviors remove them from our numbers, permanently. As they have engaged in these behaviors they have lost their honor, their hamingja and shall not be reborn with the rest of us honorable Europeans.

          The use of force and fear are kosher methods of control that have been used against us by our enemies all too many times throughout recent and ancient history and we lessen ourselves by engaging in the same. It is beneath us. Once this society of decadence has used itself up and falls, we shall we retrieve our kindred from their strongholds and places of power in the wilderness, dust off the golden tablets beneath Yggdrasil and rebuild for our people a new society forged in the values of our forebears and strengthened by our iron will. We cannot “save” any of them, nor anything from this society. It is sick, based in greed and avarice of foreign desert religions and their hunger for power. The “long walk through the institutions” has done irreparable damage to these misguided individuals. Often times a surgeon must cut in order to heal and I am sorry to say that a lot of our people will not be joining us in the new dawn of Europe as a genetic term. We only want those who are willing to remake themselves in the image of the gods of our folk, who are willing to stand up and do what is best for our people without thought of the cost. These are the men and women who will rebuild, there can be no room for the weak of mind, body or spirit.

   Time wasted arguing these points is time that would have been better spent studying runes, the eddas or learning skills to survive after the fall. Or better yet, time spent learning how to or taking action to quicken/deepen the fall of the decadent empire. There will not be a political solution available, EVER. Mantras of fourteen words or the idolization of twentieth century politics is the same as pushing a wet noodle uphill. The “left wing” and “right wing” are attached to the same vulture, and controlled by its masters. The only political solution is to snap its neck and throw the carcass in the flames. Trump, Duke, LePen, Putin and all their kind are lackeys of the system and will only serve it in the end. Our enemies are patient, they have spent generations blueprinting our destruction and are the puppeteers behind both sides. Divide and conquer is their favored tactic and they have mastered it. We must be willing to do the same no matter how many lifetimes it takes. They will lose in the end, Europe has awakened and the long nightmare of this world is nearing its end. We shall triumph in the end, we are the gods, and they are us. Live honorably, die honorably and you will be reborn into the kindred.

Long live Europa! HailaR WodanaR!

Authored by a Founding Brother.


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