How to Awaken Your Hammer!


Order of Odalist’s Ritual # 1

How to awaken your hammer. You can’t just buy one and hang it around your neck and expect anything other than a simple decoration. You’ll need a few things first in order to perform the ritual. The hammer, preferably a black candle, a black piece of cloth capable of covering the hammer twice and A 2-foot piece of leather cord and a needle or razor blade or hallowed knife.

Step 1
Starting in the north perform the hammer Hallowing refer to the symbol and bloats opening ritual but this time you will go to all eight points. The 8-fold division of the sky North-Northeast East Southeast South-Southwest West North West and Midgard. Request the presence of all the Gods and Goddesses.

Step 2
Light the candle and sign the Kenaz rune 3 times over the candle while saying ” cleansing flame of ancestral Might, awaken and join the searching Souls so that strengthened they will be”Kenaz rune shape on the rightkenaz

Step 3
Holding the hammer high call upon Thor to accept you as a warrior for the folk saying ” Mighty Thunder God, my brother may this Hammer be filled with your power that I be marked as a warrior of the FOLK.”

Step 4
With a black cloth open and on the altar prepare to offer sacrifice. Call out ” Thor protector of the folk by this Blood offering do I join with your will, May our father Odin guide us along this path.” Make a small cut or prick your finger and place your blood on the hammer while saying ” Laguz, Laguz, Laguz, Blood of Kvasir be blessed, Rune might blooms in the blend.”

Step 5
Wrap the hammer in the black cloth and bind it with the leather cord while saying, ” into the den of the darkness deep wend thy way, undoomed yet, nights all night while away thy spell sleep gain and grow in weal and wealth.” Bury the hammer in the sacred land if possible, or place away for nine nights.

Step 6
Close the circle thanking the holy ones and ancestors bearing Witness. Close as you would have sambal or bloat. Put out the candle and withdraw from The Grove or sacred area.

Step 7
After 9 days and nights return. Set up your altar the same as before you will need hallowed Mead and any other ritual items that you wish to use or have present. Open with hammer Hallowing the same as before, all 8 directions including the sky and Midgard.

Step 8
The Awakening. Dig up the hammer from its slumber. Place the hammer in the center of the altar. Then walk around the altar nine times while saying, ” By the cycles of life you are Born”. Sit in the Holy Circle by the altar facing north. Light the candle or use a sacred fire in the center of the Grove. Make the kenaz rune above it saying, ” light of knowledge shine unto this newborn”.

Step 9
The birth. Unbind the leather cord and open the cloth slowly saying” Hail the day that you are born to Bear my will and that of the Gods. Go your way towards the light to work the laws of nature.” Hold the hammer to your mouth and breathe strongly out:” Odin, Vili, Ve”. Pass the hammer over the Flames 3 times saying” Holy cleansing fire, let the quickening begin.”

Step 10
The naming. Dip your finger into the hallowed mead , and sprinkle the hammer while saying ” I sprinkle thee with hallowed Mead and name the ___________ .” The name should be special and known only to you. Tell no one. Be careful when calling on your hammer by name especially in the dream Realm. He who knows the hammer controls its power but it can be influenced by other forces.

Step 11
Closing. Hold the hammer high and say,” Now the work has been wrought with the might of the mighty runes. So shall it be.” Give thanks to all those bearing witness to the ritual. Gods Goddesses and Ancestors. Close the circle.


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