Securing Heathenism


Securing Heathenism

Heathen men should marry Heathen women and Heathen women should marry Heathen men. Point blank, end of story. I know, I have heard all of the stories, excuses and reasons of why a Folkish Heathens (Odalists /Odinists) ends up with a Christian but take it from someone who made that very mistake ages ago and dealt with the conflict for almost 20 years.

   We must secure an existence for our White children and a future for our Faith, Folk, OrderofOdalists_Heathen_Handfastingand Family.

Yes, I did a slight adjustment to David Lanes 14 Words. By ensuring that each Heathen marries another Heathen we help move forward with that version of the 14 Words, not only do we ensure a future for our Race but also of our Faith and our Family.

   When a Heathen marries a Christian or other religion, they are in fact, setting themselves up for failure from the start. Perhaps, at first, there will be little to no conflict, new marriage or serious relationship tends to buff over slight flaws that will later grow much serious and more noticeable as that “new car” smell wears off and the scratches and dings shine through.

   Then children enter the equation. Now, this is where the conflict will really begin. Of course, the Christian side will want the children to grow up as Christian and will have his or her family pushing for that, and the Heathen will want to raise his or her children in the Faith and traditions of their Folk rather than that of the desert Christ god.

Of course, aside from the children, each religion will conflict with the other, by nature. The Wolf and the Sheep cannot coexist, no matter how everything else works out. This is true in nature and is also true in relationships. The Heathen must always find a way to date and marry their own.

Now, once the Heathen couple has discovered one another and is committed to each other by mutual agreement, cohabitation, Hand Fastening or “marriage” as it were, they must move to the next step, ensuring a future for their Folk and Faith as well as Family. I always urge Heathen couples to have a minimum of SIX children. Yes, I have heard all of the arguments against this suggestion and I stand firmly by my assertion. I reject any argument of a materialistic nature, our ancestors even as recently as the 1960’s had large families and the current trend against them, mostly aimed at White families, has had a devastating effect and long lasting impact on our Folk and our Faith. So no, I do not follow the given thought that we must wait until we are “financially sound” and then have 1.5 children per Folkish Heathen family.

   We must have as many children as possible; we must raise those children in the home as Heathens, trained not only in the ways of our Faith and traditions of our Fh but also in the ways of our ancestors and to be self-sufficient. How many so-called Heathaitens today do not know how to grow food? Raise animals? How many self-proclaimed Heathens are on the government tit or living in their parent’s basement? How many of these “Heathens” have no true knowledge of their ancestors, the Gods and how to live the Nine Noble Virtues? No. We must embrace True Heathenism, Folkish Heathenism and then pass that knowledge along to our children so that the cycle not only continues but that it grows and multiplies. So yes, I expect much from the Heathen community but so do the Gods. I demand much of myself and those within the Heathen community. I expect us to overcome the current and popular trend of 1.5 children, high divorce rates, and materialism. I expect Heathens to learn, study and research and to reject Marxist concepts that are detrimental to our Faith, our Folk, and our Family. We must read and understand David Lanes 14 Words and then live by those and we will begin to see a positive and productive Heathen community begin to grow and expand…..

Authored by Kinsman Erik Thorvaldsson of Heathen Nation 


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