What is an Odalist?


So you may be asking yourself.  What is an Odalist? Am I an Odalist? How will I fit in?

First, let me explain what we are about. The Order of Odalists is a holy bondage of men and women that have a respect for Mother Nature, Love of the Germanic Gods and Goddesses and a Loyalty To Our Kin. Kinsmen that have joined together to give a finite definition to the world about its roots being bound by blood and the ideals which we honour and cherish.  Modern Asatru has become infected by a virus that is slowly crippling our faith as very few followers of Asatru are folkish anymore.  A virus known as Universalists/ Wiccatru heathens. These are neo-pagans that believe the world is a huge pink and blue padded nursery, where the lions can lay down with the lambs and everyone can live happily ever after. These fuzzy bunny heathens attempt to rebel and free themselves from the chains of the Abrahamic desert religion [Christianity]  they were indoctrinated into and programmed throughout their lives.   Yet they still carry the religious dogma of their Christ God, all the while fantasizing that Asatru is a religion for the masses (sheep) and anyone can belong to their flock. Odalism cannot be made universal as it stems from the blood and soil of a particular people. These universalists heathens could not be further from the truth with their fantastical dreams, as wolves and sheep can never form a flock.

Odalism is in the strictest sense an ideology based on blood (of the native population) and soil (the homeland of the native population); protecting, promoting and if necessary reviving the customs, traditions, worldview, values, and religion that naturally came from each particular population in their homeland.

Odalism is opposed to all forms of internationalism, be it universal faiths such as the Judeo-Christian religions or Marxist ideologies, because internationalism is a threat to the human diversity of our planet.

There is not hatred for others in Odalism, only love for your own. There is no destruction of others in Odalism, only protection and preservation of what is your own. There is no plans for world supremacy in Odalism, only love for and a strong link to the soil of the forebears. There is no interventionism or aggression in Odalism, only respect for each and every people’s right to rule itself as it sees fit.

The Three-Part System Of Odalism


1.) Respect for Mother Nature means that you as Odalist care for and wish to preserve the ancient trees, deep valleys, fresh rivers and beautiful heathlands. You believe that healthy and growing ecosystems matter and that you cannot separate mankind from nature. As such, the green perspective of Odalism is a form of naturalism, where the close relationship between how our natural world functions and how we as human beings function, is part of a continuous natural process. As Odalist, you wish to preserve and live in harmony with nature, not blindly destroying it for economic greed and material wealth, as seen in modern society 


2.) Love to the Germanic Gods and Goddesses is another important aspect of Odalism, and means that you respect and believe in the ancient wisdom passed on to you by your forefathers. You regard the European culture, defined by specific sets of moral and ethical standards, to be of priceless worth. As such, knowledge written down 1000 or 2000 years ago is still alive and relevant to the people living in the modern age. An Odalist believes in the ancient Germanic deities and the words of wisdom written down by them through the magic of runes, mythological tales, and stories. Gods and Goddesses represent ideals for you to strive toward and uphold. The spiritual aspect of Odalism is therefore in compliance with idealism; the belief that the world consists out of ideas and that material and non-material forms of our world are connected to each other. Idealism, like Odalism, claims that the highest moral meaning in a man’s life, is to uphold, live and protect ideals.


3.) Loyalty to your kin is a third natural part of Odalism and means that you as human being, living and breathing, right here and now, have a duty — an honour to protect — to your family, your relatives, your village and your nation. You are a small part of a larger organic unity, where those living next to you share your blood. You are not your own island where your reality is the Official One. As an Odalist you realize, that you are part of a holy relation between people that have lived, are living and will live, bound by blood, not only spiritually but also morally and ethically as well. An Odalist presents loyalty to his family and his nation. He realizes the difference between races and people and wishes to protect and nurture his own race and culture. He cannot betray his nation or family, without betraying himself. Odalism, therefore, takes on a holistic worldview where the whole is more important than the individual.



4 thoughts on “What is an Odalist?

  1. I am so glad to see this. I feel that the Asatru has become so diverse and mainstream. I am a heathen and was before it was the “cool thing to do”. It is ruining our ideology. I am extremely interested in finding out more about this.


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